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A Sorta Fairytale
October 2013
Sat, Nov. 25th, 2006 05:02 am
I have seen images for FB chapter 136, and it is good.

I think the final chapter looks like it is a satisfying and appropriate end to the series. The images are beautiful and quite touching in some places. I look forward to seeing a translation--soon, I hope, but I'm not too impatient right at this moment.

ETA: I decided to write up a list of what the scans show to post at RandomFandom.com, and I decided to x-post it here.

-Tohru and Kyo are in an empty room of Shigure's house, talking as they sweep/mop the room. The conversation gets a bit emo and Kyo hugs her.
-Yuki and Machi bicker over the apartment key and he ends up pulling her into a kiss.
-Then begins a montage of the various supporting characters. In each, we see a little of what they are up to now, as well as a few flashbacks of their personal memories of Tohru:
-Kagura and Ritsu (who has short hair) are chatting, and each goes into his/her respective brand of hysterics for a bit.
-Hiro and Kisa walk hand in hand, and have a cute near-kiss.
-Momiji, Haru, and Rin are sitting around a table, presumably at Kazuma's house, just chilling.
-Kazuma and Saki are side by side; Kunimitsu is freaking out.
-Uo is chatting on the phone with Kureno, who is still using a cane to get around.
-Ayame and Mine are in the shop, apparently working on a dress.
-Hatori is sitting in a diner with Mayu, whose hair is really short (like a boy haircut). She starts freaking out about something. They walk out of the diner, arm in arm.
-Akito and Shigure are out for a walk. She wears a dress, and her hair is shoulder-length. He seems to tease her a bit, pushing her hat onto her head, and they continue walking, his arm around her waist.
-Back to the empty house: Kyo and Yuki share a few brief words and significant looks; they seem to have made peace. Yuki passes Kyo and goes into the room where Tohru is. They talk for a while, and Tohru starts to cry. She thinks of her precious memories of all of the Sohmas. Yuki reaches out and takes her hand, and she smiles.
-In the future, at what might be Shigure's former house, a little girl peeks around corners. Her parents are nearby, and her mom seems to be making a cake in the kitchen. In the yard outside, Kyo and Tohru stand hand-in-hand. They look beautiful--probably middle-aged, but we only see them from behind. Kyo wears a kimono and looks a lot like Kazuma; Tohru wears a delicate skirt and blouse, and her hair is in a neat little braided bun. In the house, there is a glass display case with a vase of flowers, the red hat, Kyo's beads, a picture of the Hondas with little Tohru, a picture collage of what are probably Kyo and Tohru's kids and grandkids, a picture of two smiling faces with scarves and snow around them, a picture of a couple (probably Kyo and Tohru) in traditional Japanese wedding garb, and the set of zodiac ornaments plus the cat that Tohru made.


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Sun, Dec. 3rd, 2006 04:29 am (UTC)
Picture impressions

I found your reply on the fb community regarding the pictures on the last page. I recently got REALLY good scans and zoomed in. That bottom rectangular picture. . .Saki is on the left end and Arisa is on the right.
Between these two is a tall man, a teenage boy, a little kid right next to the taller boy.It appears that the teenage boy is holding a baby (not sure).I noticed that Saki is standing REALLY close to the tall man and the boy (who resembles the tall man) is also standing close. The person I believe is Arisa is standing slightly apart from this little group. The picture is cut off by the wedding picture but the younger boy is looking towards something next to Arisa. . another person?

Anyhow I was depressed at first, because when the first scans came out I was depressed that Tohru didn't have any pics or things to remember Arisa and Saki who were her best friends who supported and protected her throughout the manga.But when these scans came in I was compelled to over analyze the picture and sure enough it is pretty obvious that the two women in the pic are Arisa and Saki (the tall blonde and wavy black hair of the women as well as Saki's slightly tilted head give it away).

I like to think that that was Takayas way of saying that Saki and Arisa are happy with their own families and still keep in touch with Tohru. They consider each other family, which is why they were with the family pics. I think that as well Kazuma could have had a family because Kyoru and their family live in Shigure's place and not the Dojo.

Sorry for such a long post I'm sure people can debate my impressions, but I'd like to think that Kyoru didn't just forget everybody close to them. And darn it all Kyoko predicted happy endings for the three girls and what Kyoko says goes. . .

BTW I Have not read a translation of this chapter yet. . .but I don't want to assume Kyoru left and forgot their closests family and the zoomed in shots indicated to me that the rectangular picture was powerful indicators for me about the future. . .hehehe