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I have seen images for FB chapter 136, and it is good.

I think the final chapter looks like it is a satisfying and appropriate end to the series. The images are beautiful and quite touching in some places. I look forward to seeing a translation--soon, I hope, but I'm not too impatient right at this moment.

ETA: I decided to write up a list of what the scans show to post at, and I decided to x-post it here.

-Tohru and Kyo are in an empty room of Shigure's house, talking as they sweep/mop the room. The conversation gets a bit emo and Kyo hugs her.
-Yuki and Machi bicker over the apartment key and he ends up pulling her into a kiss.
-Then begins a montage of the various supporting characters. In each, we see a little of what they are up to now, as well as a few flashbacks of their personal memories of Tohru:
-Kagura and Ritsu (who has short hair) are chatting, and each goes into his/her respective brand of hysterics for a bit.
-Hiro and Kisa walk hand in hand, and have a cute near-kiss.
-Momiji, Haru, and Rin are sitting around a table, presumably at Kazuma's house, just chilling.
-Kazuma and Saki are side by side; Kunimitsu is freaking out.
-Uo is chatting on the phone with Kureno, who is still using a cane to get around.
-Ayame and Mine are in the shop, apparently working on a dress.
-Hatori is sitting in a diner with Mayu, whose hair is really short (like a boy haircut). She starts freaking out about something. They walk out of the diner, arm in arm.
-Akito and Shigure are out for a walk. She wears a dress, and her hair is shoulder-length. He seems to tease her a bit, pushing her hat onto her head, and they continue walking, his arm around her waist.
-Back to the empty house: Kyo and Yuki share a few brief words and significant looks; they seem to have made peace. Yuki passes Kyo and goes into the room where Tohru is. They talk for a while, and Tohru starts to cry. She thinks of her precious memories of all of the Sohmas. Yuki reaches out and takes her hand, and she smiles.
-In the future, at what might be Shigure's former house, a little girl peeks around corners. Her parents are nearby, and her mom seems to be making a cake in the kitchen. In the yard outside, Kyo and Tohru stand hand-in-hand. They look beautiful--probably middle-aged, but we only see them from behind. Kyo wears a kimono and looks a lot like Kazuma; Tohru wears a delicate skirt and blouse, and her hair is in a neat little braided bun. In the house, there is a glass display case with a vase of flowers, the red hat, Kyo's beads, a picture of the Hondas with little Tohru, a picture collage of what are probably Kyo and Tohru's kids and grandkids, a picture of two smiling faces with scarves and snow around them, a picture of a couple (probably Kyo and Tohru) in traditional Japanese wedding garb, and the set of zodiac ornaments plus the cat that Tohru made.

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