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Riddles in the dark...

You know, the thing I’ve missed most about FAP, more than SCUSA (which I have hardly missed at all) or the debate and CSHH threads (which I was already missing after the format changed anyway), has been the various riddle and trivia threads I used to frequent.

Anyway, since, to my knowledge, none of you have visited those threads much, I thought I might recycle a few of my old riddles, and see if anyone wants to try and guess them.

Most of my riddles appeared on the Guess the Ship thread, which means that the answers to them will be (duh) ships. These can be canon ships, canon-likely ships, fanon ships, and completely off-the-wall, random pairings of two characters that no one would bother to actually ship even in fanon. I have riddlefied both ships I love, and ships I…well, let’s just say that, yes, I’ve riddlefied H/Hr, too. ;)

I don’t know if this will interest any of you or not, but it seems to be a bit of a slow day on LJ, so I thought I’d give it a try.

And now, without further ado,

They are the guardians of the brave.
She’s dignified; he’s insane.
Their love is on another plane.

You could, of course, cheat by searching my old FAP posts to find the answer, but I’m sure no one would do that. ;)

Hymnia Baggins

ETA: I've been playing around with my interests today, adding and deleting some things here and there. Can it really be that I am the only person on LJ who is interested in "ship debate"? *raises eyebrows skeptically*
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