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Who am I? *resists urge to sing "2-4-6-0-waaaaaaaaan!"*

Well, I got a pretty good response with my last riddle, so I thought I would try posting another one. :) Congrats to bluemeanies4 for correctly guessing that the last one was Sir Cadogen/Fat Lady.

They are the guardians of the brave.
Both characters have guarded Gryffindor Tower.
She’s dignified;
Except, of course, when Vi comes over and they’ve had too much to drink. ;)
he’s insane.
"Yeah, we’ll call you—if we ever need someone mental."
Their love is on another plane.
No, it’s not Bonding of Souls, it’s Portrait Lurrve!

Of all the HP riddles I've written, this next is the one I am proudest of, so I hope that you like it. It was originally posted in the Who Am I? thread, which means the answer can be any person, place, creature, or thing in the HP world.

You might not be impressed,
But we assure you, we’re from the best.
We are legion; year after year,
By nobody are we held dear.
It is our usual chore
To keep sweetness fresh inside,
But we have done something more;
We might have made you cry.

Any takers?

H. Baggins
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