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New Fruits Basket chapter thread

I'm making another attempt to get the Fruits Basket chapter discussions at up and running again.

Chapter 76: In which Kyo picks up female admirers

The chapter begins in the midst of Tohru and company's class trip to Kyoto (briefly explained in a flashback in which Shigure tells the kids that the purpose of such trips is to confess feelings of love to the opposite gender)...

I like how in this story, the trip both fits and doesn't fit that stereotype. Kyo receives a confession, but it's the wrong girl—in fact, it's a totally unknown girl—and it goes no where. Yuki receives no confessions, because his fangirls are all blocking one another. And Tohru and Kyo have a romantic moment, but the romance between them is still very much in the embryonic stage—no where near time for confessing. Maybe most realistic of all, Uo is thinking about the person she desires, but doesn't even have a chance of making any progress, because he isn't there—but the "love is in the air" vibe makes her think of him more. From a story-telling perspective, the overnight field trip/camp-out/sleepover type of event is an easy—maybe even a cheap—way to accelerate a romance, and I've seen quite a few stories use it. But Takaya undercuts that trend by continuing to move the romance(s) at essentially the same rate they've been moving.

(Furuba fans, please follow the fake cut to read the full post and make a reply!)

Also, volunteers are needed to post threads for Chapter 77 (June 16th) and Chapter 83 (July 28th). Anyone interested?


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