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Furuba name game

So yesterday my friends and I played a little game. We decided—okay, I admit, it was my idea—to make up Western names for all the Fruits Basket characters, like some US anime/manga adapters used to do (e.g. Sailor Moon). We based most of our choices on name meanings. That is, we took either what the original Japanese name meant, or something to do with the character, such as their zodiac animal, typed it into a search engine at one of those baby name websites, and picked a name that had that meaning. But there were other factors that influenced our choices, too. We talked about the fact that anime adaptors probably tried to keep the same syllable count, or close to it—but we mostly ignored that ourselves, since it ended up being too restrictive. We're just having fun, after all!

Anyway, here's what we came up with.

First, we have Tyler, the heroine of our story
She has two best friends, tough-talking former gang member Andi, and mysterious goth Hannah
She also constantly refers to her deceased mother, Veronica

Then we have the well-to-do but mysterious Wyndham family:

Blake, the handsome "prince" of his school
Dylan, his angry—and angsty—arch-rival
Randall, the perverted novelist, known as "Randy" to his best friends (for obvious reasons)
Cordelia, a beautiful—but high-strung—girl who can't leave Dylan alone
Pippin, a sweet boy with a European flair
Edmund, the family doctor, who can't keep his best friends from calling him "Eddy"
Julian, the fabulous, the magnificent, the beautiful…! His best friends call him "Jules"
Gwen (short for Guinevere), gorgeous but very guarded and a bit tragic
Lance, her true love—half-gentleman, half-punk
Emma, a shy middle-school girl
Gabe, her friend and protector
Rory, a neurotic cross-dresser
Michael, the mysterious and cruel head of the family
Thomas, Michael's personal assistant

Feel free to make fun or our choices. Or suggest your own. And of course, there were characters we didn’t get to—Kazuma, the student council, Ren, Katsuya, the fan club girls. Anyone want to try naming them?

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