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New Fruits Basket chapter discussion thread

Chapter 79: In which more history comes to light

Rin continues to remember/dream about her past, beginning with her memories of what it was like living with her parents after they turned on her. We see that one day it was finally too much for her: she remembers collapsing in the street and being hospitalized after Haru finds her and calls Kazuma to help…Kazuma continues to be a contender for the Best Parent Ever award. This is his first meeting with Rin, and I think it raises the question of what their relationship was like in the years between this meeting and the scene in volume 12 where she storms into his house and chews him out for talking to Tohru (which wouldn't have been her intention when she went there, since she ran into Tohru on her way in). Later volumes give us more hints, but what's your impression at this point?

(Follow the fake cut for more discussion!)

Also, I'm still seeking a volunteer to start the discussion for Chapter 83 (July 28th). Please leave a comment if you would like to sign up for it!


Tags: chapter discussions, furuba

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