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New Fruits Basket chapter discussion thread

ginnytoo has posted a new discussion thread at Thanks for starting the new thread, mom!

Chapter 81: In which the School Defense Force returns!

As Yuki and Kakeru approach the student council room, Kakeru is excited to hear there is a disturbance taking place inside. He thinks this is an opportunity for the “school defense force” to spring heroically into action against “the enemy.” However, upon opening the door, they see that the only person in the room is Machi, inexplicably trashing the room as she did once before in an earlier chapter…What do you think about Machi’s rampages?

(Follow the fake cut for more discussion!)

A new schedule for volumes 15 and 16 will be posted soon, and we will need people to sign up for the next round of chapter threads, so please stay tuned!


Tags: chapter discussions, furuba

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