Joie (hymnia) wrote,

Furuba fans: New chapter thread + new schedule

It's my week to start the Fruits Basket chapter discussion, and the new thread is up.

Chapter 82: In which Rin looks cute in pigtails

The chapter begins with dinnertime discussion about the upcoming festival. For dessert, Tohru offers everyone gelatin, prompting Tohru's Personal Mind-Reader (aka Kyo) to ask if she went to visit Rin in the hospital. Tohru admits it and blushingly notices how Kyo seems to be able to guess everything about her lately. Shigure apologizes to Tohru for getting her mixed up in family affairs, but Tohru assures him she's not troubled at all. Yet, Tohru can't help but worry about Rin and how much she's suffering…Something I've noticed in the series as a result of these discussions, is that there are many times when parallels are drawn between different characters in the story. We've mentioned a lot of these before, as they've come up, but it feels like there's a different one almost every chapter. In this chapter, the first one I noticed was Tohru thinking about Rin suffering all alone for a long time, then remembering Kyo curled up in a ball after his argument with Shigure in vol. 3. There are at least two others in this chapter, but I'll give everyone else a chance to point them out first. How does it affect the story to have all these different comparisons drawn from one character to another? Do you think there is a particular purpose in creating so many comparisons in the story? How do they help develop the themes of the story?

(Follow the fake cut for more discussion!)

Also, the schedule for vol. 15-16 is up, so if you're interested, please go sign up! Available chapters include Chapter 85 (the truth about the red hat), Chapter 88 (Sorta Cinderella), Chapter 91 (Kyoko and Katsuya's love story) and more.

Aaaand Furuba fans might also like to know about this contest to win a signed copy of the sticker collection.



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