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Trip to panhandle and (not so) new Furuba thread

I've spent the last week visiting one of my best friends from college and her family in the FL panhandle area. She has an adorable 6mo baby that I hadn't seen yet, so it was really fun getting to play with him and snuggle him lots. It was also fun to see my old friend and spend a few days at the beach and on the bayou by her family's house. It was NOT fun to make a really pitiful attempt at knee-skiing on this big wooden platform that her family uses for proto-water-skiing. Needless to say, after two unsuccessful attempts to get on the board and finally one very short and rather painful (due to the bumpy, hard wood on my skinny, oversensitive knees) ride, I am not inclined to try actual water-skiing. But other than that, it was a fun couple of days, and I'm glad I at least made an attempt. The water and sky were so beautiful and I actually got a bit of sun for once, something I haven't had much of all summer.

Tomorrow I go back to work. My students don't return until the 18th, but I have to start preparations tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish them early so I can take a few days off around the 14th/15th to get ready for Anime Festival Orlando that weekend. I'm working on two costumes, and will also be chopping my hair off for Locks of Love once again, so I can have a short hairdo for the con and for back to school. I'm also reprising Sailor Mars, but with a wig. My friends and I are going to do another Sailor Moon skit in the cosplay competition, which we are very psyched about. Pics of the two new characters I'm cosplaying are below the cut. Do you think I'll look good with that short of haircut? ;)

Soi Fon from Bleach (foreground version)

Haruka from RahXephon

The first costume is about 60% done, not counting the zanpakuto (her weapon) which is, uh…0% done. Well, maybe 0.0001% if you count buying the materials as part of the costume construction process.

The second is 80% done, mostly because it largely consisted of piecing together items bought at thrift stores and such. The parts that have to be sewn--the jacket and headband--are 60% and 0% (or 0.0001%), respectively.

So I obviously have a lot of work to do on costumes in the next two weeks, eh?
Due to being out of town this week, I failed to post a link to the latest Fruits Basket discussion thread on Monday. Here it is, for those who are interested. The discussion has been pretty good this week—the reply I posted tonight was the fifth reply to the thread, which is high for Go push up the post count some more!


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