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A little rant and a fourth riddle

I hate losing things. A lot. You know that whole “burning fire of a thousand suns” cliché? Yeah. That much.

Sometime when I was going through all of the junk in my room over the past few months, I came across a certain memento. One of my best friends a few years ago had sent out an email around Easter with some thoughts on Easter and a little medley of her favorite Easter songs. Well, one of the recipients decided to “reply all” and add on his favorite Easter songs. Then it kinda caught on and several others (including me) also sent our contributions to the medley of Easter songs and thoughts, and it ended up being a really neat little collection. So a month or two ago I found a hard copy of this old email, and it was such a thrill—not just because it was a nifty little compilation, but also because it was a reminder of a time in my life and a group of friends that I remember fondly. So I set this thing aside, thinking that when Easter rolled around I might post it on my LJ, and/or email it around to some of these old friends.

Then this evening—being the evening of Easter—I started going through the papers on my desk so I could find it and type it up…

And I can’t find it. Not on my desk. Not in my file box. Not in the stacks of stuff still to be sorted in the living room. Not in my bedroom. Not among my mom’s stuff. Not among my dad’s stuff. Not among my grandmother’s stuff. There’s no copy of it on my hard drive, or on my mom’s or dad’s hard drives, either. It’s not anywhere. I cleaned up and reorganized my desk. I tackled several of the stacks of stuff in the living room, sorting and saving, and throwing out a big trash bag full of stuff. This is all good—stuff I’ve been meaning to get around to, and now I’ve finally had the impetus to do it. But still, this thing is missing.

I could cry, I’m so upset. I’m so mad that I can’t find it. *sniff* No loffly Easter songs and thoughts. I could sit here and try and remember what was on it…but the thought of doing that just depresses me right now. Maybe later. Of course, it won’t be Easter anymore by then, so I don’t know if I will even bother with it. Grrr….I’m so frustrated. I hate losing things!

I do have one last possible avenue—I could email the other people who participated and see if anyone saved it. But…the person who started it lost everything on her hard drive a few years ago, and chances are good that this was one of the things she would have lost. The person who started adding onto it is…I’m not sure if he’s really the memento-saving type. And I can’t quite remember who else participated. But…I have few people I’m going to try. Or maybe it will turn up in some odd, random place I would never have thought of checking.

And now, to get my mind off of that, how about another riddle?

Without a word this damsel ran
Into the arms of her “Handyman.”
Like Orion he was treated.
In the end, he was defeated.
About this ship there’s no debate;
It may be canon, but it isn’t fate.

H. Baggins
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