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"The world is more than darkness. It isn't only black."

I've really fallen behind on the chapter discussion links, so here's a round-up of the last three threads. Instead of quoting the opening posts on these three threads (which were all great), I've decided this time to quote from my own replies because I'm narcissistic like that since this post is not so much an announcement as a recap of some slightly older threads (and since this is my own journal, after all). Honestly, I'm mainly hoping to provoke a response from the "real life" Furuba fans on my flist. COME ON, BAKA ROSIANS!

Chapter 83: In this chapter, Yuki comes to an important realization about his feelings towards Tohru…

5. What are your thoughts on Yuki’s revelation at the end of the chapter? Did you see it coming?

I can't remember if I suspected what was behind his feelings for Tohru or not. The interesting thing is, I've heard a fair bit of criticism of using this technique to resolve a love triangle: explaining one person's feelings for the other as being like a familial relationship. But I really think it works in this case, because Yuki's need for a mother is so much more powerful than his need for a love interest, and the way it's gradually built up and then finally explained in this and the next two chapters is very believable. It just fits his character arc so well. Rather than being a cop out to just get rid of one side of a love triangle and seal the deal between the other two characters, this revelation is an important part of the story in its own right. And goodness knows having Yuki "out of the way" is hardly enough to seal the deal for Tohru and Kyo anyway.

(Follow the fake cut to read the discussion and answer questions!) (Spoiler version here.)

Chapter 84: In this chapter, we get a glimpse of some of the pivotal events of Yuki’s past, and we see a complex web of relationships being sown.

6. Many of the other Juunishi think of the Rat as an exalted being, but we see in this chapter how horribly bleak Yuki’s life is. Do you have any thoughts on this contrast?

Yeah, I remember feeling a sort of emotional shock in these chapters, similar to what I felt at the beginning of the last vol. with the Rin flashbacks. With two volumes in a row having such sad openings, I remember feeling like the once peppy and fairly comical series was becoming quite dark and serious. I don't mean that as a criticism in the least. I've always felt that the best stories have to go through some deep valleys before they can achieve the sort of mountain heights that will win my heart. I'm a big fan of eucatastrophe. So I liked the way the series was going, but it caught me a little off-guard in a lot of ways.

Anyway, I think it's ironic that Yuki's supposedly charmed life—according to Kyo, especially—was so sad, and that Kyo himself had dealt Yuki a pretty rough blow when he was already down. Mind you, I was very annoyed to find a group of Yukiru supporters saying as much on another forum. Heh. They did sort of have a point, though, that in some ways, Kyo suffered less than Yuki (and some of the other "legit" 12shi, too). But no, it isn't that he suffered less; rather, he received more comfort from his suffering than most of the others did.

(Follow the fake cut to read the discussion and answer questions!) (Spoiler version, which contains the quote above, here.)

Chapter 85: In this chapter we finally hear the whole story of Tohru’s encounter with the “red hat boy”; and Yuki comes to some important realizations about life in general, and his life in particular.

6.Why do you think that Yuki gives Tohru the hat?

Mainly, because he wanted to congratulate her for making it home. But I also think deep down he knew that he couldn't return it to Kyo, so he was doing what seemed to be the most noble alternative to simply keeping it himself: giving it to a little girl who had made quite an impression on him. In terms of the story, of course he had to leave it with Tohru in order to catalyze later events.

8.The theme of darkness vs. light seems very prevalent in this chapter. Discuss if you wish.

I love the poetic language that comes up in the narrative in this chapter: "The world is more than darkness. It isn't only black." I just like the ring of those lines. It's also striking to me that Yuki describes the world using the darkness and light metaphor in a way that shows that he clearly believes it is more darkness than light. Yet, he chooses to focus on the light, small though it may be.

(Follow the fake cut to read the discussion and answer questions!) (Spoiler version here.)

Also, we still have several chapters available for vol. 15-16, so if you're interested, please go sign up!

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