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New Furuba chapter thread

Chapter 86: In which Yuki makes up his mind

Yuki continues to explain his feelings for Tohru to Manabe. He says that he ached for maternal love, and that was exactly what Tohru's behavior provided. But he also realized that she was a girl he could be attracted to. Confused, he tried to hide the maternal need and act on the attraction instead. But now he realizes that it isn't like that between him and Tohru…

We've already talked a bit about the "mother" revelation and how it fits into the story. This chapter explains it further; also, this is the chapter where the apparently romantic Tohru/Yuki interactions are undercut. Does this explanation ring true to you? Does it seem adequate to dismiss a Tohru/Yuki romance?

(Follow the fake cut for more!)

We still need volunteers to post several of the remaining threads for vol. 15-16, so if you're interested, please go sign up!

Tags: chapter discussions, furuba

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