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Anyone for some Tribond?

The election coverage is not exactly nail-biting right now, but should anyone want a distraction, I HAS TRIBONDZ!

Various fandoms involved, including HP, Avatar, anime, and more.

In case you don't know how to play, the game goes like this: I name three things, you tell me what those three things have in common.

1. Trapdoor in Shrieking Shack, window sill at 4 Privet Drive, the Sword of Gryffindor
2. Peck, House, Goyle
3. One (maybe two) episode(s) of Fruits Basket, much of season 2 of Bleach, all of Avatar:TLA
4. Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach, Katara from Avatar:TLA, Vanilla

The first two are courtesy of my parents; the second two are my own design, born of my new-found Avatar love, naturally.

By the way, I have now completed the Avatar series, so do not hesitate to tell me everything you could possibly dream of telling me about how much Avatar is love, and also to POINT ME to any such discussion and general geekiness in that vein, including your own past LJ entries, or even your friends' public entries, for those of you who fell for Avatar before I did (I've already devoured all of peachespig's posts on the subject and I want MOAR). I hope to post some in-depth thoughts later (tomorrow, I hope), but I think it's getting too late to start on that tonight. :(

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