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Avatar Book 1, Disc 1 – Spoiler-friendly reaction post

This post and the comments may contain SPOILERS for later discs.

Chapter 1: The Boy in the Iceberg

Haha. I'd really forgotten how adorably obvious Aang's crush on Katara was from the beginning. It's also interesting that when Aang is dealing with the shocking realization that he's been in limbo for a hundred years and the world he knew has been replaced with a drastically different one, he finds comfort in the "bright side" that he did get to meet Katara.

The water village. Is this all of the southern water bending tribe (sans fighting men), or are there other villages? I can't remember if that ever gets explained. Also, why does Katara say she's the only water bender in the southern tribe? I thought GranGran was a bender, too?

Chapter 2: The Avatar Returns

Wow. I'm really struck by Katara's decision—at least at first—to banish herself and, in Sokka's words, choose Aang over her own family. I wonder if the writers intended for Zuko's decision in Book 3 to be a mirror of Katara's choice in the very first storyline.

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