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A Sorta Fairytale
October 2013
Fri, Nov. 14th, 2008 10:21 pm
Avatar has taken over my dreams, too.

Oddly enough, considering how much I obsess over my favorite stories, I rarely dream about them. But last night I had an Avatar dream. Or at least, it started as an Avatar dream, quickly morphed into a fandom dream--with a sprinkling of work-related stuff thrown in--then ended up as a dream that somewhat fit the pattern of those forgetting to study/oversleeping/showing up naked for the day of the big test dreams. Which is a bit funny, considering that Avatar has an episode that pokes fun at those types of dreams.

So. I dreamed that I was walking around one of those Zeppelin-style war balloons, and pretty much all the main characters in the show were on it. They looked more real than they do onscreen—sort of half real, half animated, almost like CGI.

I wandered around the ship until I found orcapotter and several of her friends, including a guy who looked a lot like Jet. We started talking about Avatar and the subject of shipping came up. It became apparent that our views on the matter were at odds, and that she and all her friends were pretty hard-core Zutara supporters.* Anyway, she and the guy who looked like Jet started insisting that there was actually an official comic by the creators of the show that came out recently which takes place post-series and has Zutara at the end—and that this comic was the *true* ending of Avatar.

*Side note: I have no idea what, if any, Avatar ship preferences orcapotter actually has.

I replied that surely they were mistaken. If there were such a comic, it must be a fan-made one. Then one of my students—who does, in real life, frequent FF.net—came up behind us and interrupted the conversation. He said something like, "No, Miss Joie. They're right. You know I know all about fanfiction, and that comic wasn't fanfiction. It was real."

I continued to argue with them until someone from the choir I'm in at church came up and told me that I was going to be late for the concert, and I suddenly realized that I'd completely forgotten that it was the day of the concert. So I ran over to the concert hall and started to line up with the other choir members. But I realized that I was wearing the wrong shirt. For the concert we're supposed to wear black slacks and bright red blouses, but I was in some sort of paisley shirt. Then one of the other ladies in the choir told me, "It's okay, you still have a chance to get the right blouse, because there's actually a department store right here." Sure enough, across the hall, I could see a store with rows and rows of ladies' blouses. So I went searching for a red blouse, certain that I would not find one in time for the concert. And indeed, I woke up without having succeeded in my quest. OH NOES!

But that must have been some huge war ballon to contain so many rooms of Avatar characters and arguing fandomers, a huge concert hall, and a great big department store with no red blouses.


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Orca キンバリー
Sat, Nov. 15th, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)

XD Oh my, what an epic dream! I'm jealous! Though, the rare times I have a fandom dream, they tend to follow the same type of formula.

And, erm, I am a Zutara fangirl, actually. It's the only non-canon pairing I love and support. At least so far. ... and most of my other friends are, too. That's funny! ... But dude, tell Jet to call sometime. We need to hang out more XD

Sat, Nov. 15th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)

You know what? I think I am now remembering you saying something about that pre-season 3 comic that might have tipped off my subconscious to the fact that you support Zutara.

Well, I feel a certain sympathy for Zutara, too. I was leaning that way for a while. I remember thinking when Katara visited the Fortune-teller halfway through season 1, "Hey, but Zuko's a 'powerful bender', too, right?" And it took a while for Mai to grow on me in season 2. But by the time it got to "The Beach" in season 3, I have to say I'd grown pretty loyal to Maiko. (Kataang I can take or leave, for the most part, but Maiko I feel strongly about.) I think it's mostly because I just love Zuko and want him to be properly snuggled. I guess I decided that even though Katara had been my original choice for that job, that Mai would fit the bill, too. And then after I finished watching, I stated to delve into the fandom, and running into some really rabidly anti-Mai stuff made me start to feel defensive about her, and now I love her too. It's really funny how fandom can do things like that.

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Orca キンバリー
Sat, Nov. 15th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)

I don't know, I never liked Mai's character - even from the beginning. She comes across as way too stereotypical to me. That dark, "goth", emo girl whose parents never loved her, etc etc; attracted to the equally emo boy with the equally sucky family life. Plus, I hated the way the writers introduced their pairing. As mentioned, you had to have read the comic that was published between seasons 2 and 3 to see it come into play. And even when I read it, it came across as sudden from out of nowhere. It's true that "The Beach" gives more background, and there's another flashback where we see all of them as little kids playing and interacting. But it was just a little too formulated - the whole, Main Character pairs with Main Female Character; Secondary Character pairs with Female Character Closest in Type. I think the contrast between Katara and Zuko, from the beginning, was very rich. There was always an attraction between them - not necessarily romantic, but they connected for differing reasons. They had enough in common to have that connection, but enough differences to make the relationship dynamic.

Of course, I'm certain they plan to continue the storyline. There is no marriage ceremony or anything at the end of the series, so there's always a chance for more changes XD

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Sat, Nov. 15th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)

Yeah...it's just funny what different responses people have to certain characters. I didn't care for Mai at first, either, but I grew to like her. Also, I felt Katara could have been a great match for Zuko, because of how *alike* they are--passionate and idealistic, the traits that made me love both characters and therefore like the idea of them together. (And I couldn't have been more pleased with their interaction in the final act.) BUT I came to like Maiko later on because of the *contrast* between them. I don't really see them as the same type at all. Mai isn't really emo, except for one very brief moment in "The Beach"; she's cool-headed and pragmatic to Zuko's passionate idealism. I see it working as a nice balance. *shrugs* It works for me, anyway.

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