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Avatar Book 1, Disc 3 – spoiler-free reaction post

Chapter 9: The Waterbending Scroll

Poor Katara was unprepared for Aang's awesomeness in waterbending. Aang is really just so sweet, trying to reassure her. He comes across as so childlike, not just because he's young, but because of his personality. I am again struck by the dissimilarity to Harry.

Sokka acts like Hermione again in this episode, scolding Katara for risking their lives by taking the scroll.

We have the second appearance of the unfortunate cabbage seller in this episode.

Ahh, Zuko breathing down Katara's neck. I can almost hear a million happy shippers squealing with delight. Especially considering this episode is the first time they really interact in the series.

Why do all the pirates look like they're wearing lipstick? And is it just me, or did it look like one of the pirates was about to moon Zuko when they were sailing away in his boat?

Oh yeah, Iroh is made of awesome in this episode, too. My brother happened to be watching with me tonight. He hasn't watched any other episodes yet. He asked me if this show has a "Gandalf" type of character. I said that it sort of does. There are various old, wise characters that take that role in the series at different points. Iroh is definitely one of them, but I couldn't explain that to him based on just this one episode.

Chapter 10: Jet

I continue to have a hard time avoiding mental comparisons to Harry Potter. Katara teases Sokka in this episode about (not) kissing a girl; ironic, considering he already at least got a cheek-smooch from Suki. Anyway, the scene brings to mind The Evil One's Ginny's teasing of Ron early in HBP.

So in this episode we get to meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men Peter Pan and the Lost Boys Jet and his Freedom Fighters. And--at least at first--Maid Marian Wendy-lady Katara is enthralled. The schmaltzy music and sepia screen tone when Katara is snuggling up with Jet being carried up to the hideout by Jet crack me up.

I think Jet was a little too charming to believe he was really so great, and I think from the start I was more inclined to trust Sokka's instincts than Jet. Still, it was pretty shocking when he attacked the helpless old man from the Fire Nation. Yeah, Sokka's instincts are better than Katara's, especially when she's in luuurve.

I like how the Gaang's argument at the beginning of the episode about who is the leader of their group (or if they even have a leader, or why "boys think there always has to be a leader") is echoed again later in the show, when Pipsqueak explains to Sokka that they follow Jet because he's a good leader, and that when they do what he says things turn out okay.

Chapter 11: The Great Divide

Okay, we can count this as the last episode in the series before I became really hooked. As such…I admit I found it a bit too goofy for my taste.

Sokka: This feuding shipper tribe stuff is serious business.

Hee. Oh, Sokka. If you only knew.

Chapter 12: The Storm

And now for the episode where I fell in love with Zuko with Avatar. Aangst and Prince Emo FTW!

"Things will never return to normal. But the important thing is, the Avatar gives Zuko hope." I love the irony in the way that was phrased. In the previous scene Katara also said that Aang gives people hope.

I must say that it is a little hard to believe that Zuko's eye would still be in tact after his injury. *shrugs* But I'll go with it.

Well, at the end of it all, Aang leaves his Aangst behind, but Zuko is still Prince Emo. It seems some tangles are easier to untie than others.

Behind the Scenes – The Voices of Avatar

This feature interviews a few of the Avatar voice actors: Zach Tyler Eisen (Aang), Jack Desena (Sokka), Dante Basco (Zuko), and Dee Bradley Baker (Appa and Momo). I enjoyed it. Like the other features discussed so far, it's quite short (obviously tailored to kids' supposedly short attention spans). But it's nice to see the real faces behind the voices of some of the characters, if only briefly. Of course, I had already learned elsewhere that Basco played "Rufio" in Hook; I confess to having had a bit of a crush back in the day. :D I think I liked the bits with Baker (Is it really possible for a human being to make those sounds?!) and Desena the best. I was sorry that Katara's VA was not included.

P.S. Remember to keep comments here spoiler-free! If you have something spoiler-y to say, even if it's in response to this post, please comment in the next post instead. Thanks!

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