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Hints for Riddle #4

Well, we’re still on Riddle #4, as no one has been able to guess it yet. Here it is again:

Without a word this damsel ran
Into the arms of her “Handyman.”
Like Orion he was treated.
In the end, he was defeated.
About this ship there’s no debate;
It may be canon, but it isn’t fate.

Here are some hints that may help:
1) bluemeanies4 was right in thinking: "Handyman"- the quotation marks indicate that the answer is non-conventional, and not a carpenter or builder.
2) This ship really is canon. Like Cedric/Cho. Only not them.
3) Incorrect guesses so far: Filch/Mrs. Norris, Cedric/Cho, Wormtail/Bertha Jorkins, Tom/Ginny, Lockhart/someone, and Trelawney/someone.
4) Only some versions of the Orion story have this in it. It has to do with who was mad at Orion and why.

H. Baggins
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