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Avatar Book 2, Disc 1 – spoiler-friendly reaction post

This post is for commentary with SPOILERS for episodes beyond Book 2, Disc 1.

Chapter 2: The Cave of Two Lovers

This is the episode that made me think it was most likely going to be Kataang in the end. I just couldn’t see them putting in the kissing-in-the-dark scene if those two weren't going to end up together, especially considering Katara's the one who initiates it. And it was sort of cute, although…I'm still a bit squicked by how young Aang is. I had some doubts again later, as there were a few things that still made me think Aang might have to go without love, but I don't think I ever gave any serious thought to shipping Katara with either Zuko or anyone else after this. (Zuko/Song may have helped push me that way, too.)

I'd like to think that someday Zuko will go back and apologize for stealing Song's ostrich-horse. I also would like to think he contacts Jin (from "Tales of Ba Sing Se") and Lee and his family (from "Zuko Alone") post-series.

Chapter 3: Return to Omashu

I will save my thoughts on Mai's behavior in the hostage negotiation, which seems to have generated a lot of, um, negative feelings toward her character, for a later post. (I have a couple of posts in mind for after I'm done with the re-watch posts to discuss certain themes in a more holistic way.)

"He's cute now, but when he's older, he'll join the Fire Nation army. You won't think he's cute then. He'll be a killer." This reminds me of the scene in the first part of "Sozin's Comet", when they find the baby picture of Ozai.

And we have Mai's little smile at the thought of seeing Zuko. After several false positives on my radar, Zuko's true love interest was finally revealed! And yet…I was "meh" at first. I had an inkling that Azula's circle of friends might provide Zuko with a girlfriend, but I thought Ty Lee the better match in terms of personality, and Mei's gothesque demeanor was against all my expectations. I've been too accustomed to enjoying emo boy/perky girl pairings (e.g. Lupin/Tonks). Anyway, Mai did win me over, for reasons I'll get to when I get to them. ;)

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