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Rhymes of lurrve

Congratulations to angua9 and redwood7 for correctly guessing the last riddle!

The answer was Remus/Hestia Jones and Sirius/Dorcas Meadowes.
Hestia is the one who “resembles Snow White” and was seen with Remus on Privet Drive.
Dorcas was standing next to Sirius in Moody’s old photo of the original Order, and she was “martyred” by Voldemort in the first war.

This next riddle is yet another ship.

What they share is eyes to see.
Her heart is ready to believe.
Nowhere is his no one name.
Quietly they each carry their pain.

He didn’t want to disturb her;
He might think he doesn’t deserve her.

When he asked her about feeling the sun,
Perhaps she thought he could be the one.

I’ve taken a bit of poetic license, here. I do not think the books indicate that these two characters are currently considering each other romantically. I just needed some rhymes, mmkay?

H. Baggins

ETA: Has anyone else noticed that Proffessor Lupin has scars on his face?
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