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Avatar Book 2, Disc 3 – spoiler-free reaction post

This disc has audio commentary on chapters 12 and 14. Info from the commentary tracks will be marked with a "C".

Chapter 11: The Desert

I love the Pai Sho game. I get such a thrill, even the second time around, when the revelation that "it's more than just a game" comes. <333

Chapter 12: Journey to Ba Sing Se, Part 1 – The Serpent's Pass

Commentary track:
Bryan Konietako – Co-Creator
Michael Dante DiMartino – Co-Creator
Josh Hamilton – Co-Writer

Cabbage seller! I think this is his third appearance. Also, I believe the expecting couple the Gaang leads across the Serpent's Pass is the same one Zuko decided not to rob in "Zuko Alone". Yay for continuity!

C: I WAS RITE! It is the same couple.

C: They use the word "shipping", referring to Toph rescuing Sokka (and Toph's annoyance that he doesn't pay any attention to her).

Whoa! Aang just declined a hug from Katara. That's messed up.

Love the shining half-moon behind Sokka and Suki's non-kiss in this episode. Even my brother, who is watching this out of order and hasn't yet seen the North Pole episodes, commented, "Wow, the moon is really bright in that scene!"

C: So there's a long segment of the commentary in which they talk about the writing process, especially how two writers collaborate, since Mike wrote the "B story" on this episode. It's pretty interesting, especially if you have any interest in collaborative writing—which I do. It's actually giving me an idea of how my theatre group might approach writing our next script.

C: Little incidents where Momo does something cute or funny are called "MoMoments" in the writers' room.

Cheek kiss! Um…and it's Suki and Toph. I think I'll spare Toph the embarrassment of including this one in the tally.

But I will include the Sokka/Suki kisses (both the cheek kiss at the beginning, and the lip kiss at the end):

Sokka: Cheek kisses: 2, Lip kisses: 3
Aang: Cheek kisses: 1, Lip kisses: 1
Katara: Cheek kisses: 1, Lip kisses: 1
Suki: Cheek kisses: 2, Lip kisses: 1
Yue: Cheek kisses: 0, Lip kisses: 2

Chapter 13: Journey to Ba Sing Se, Part 2 – The Drill

And the girls are back! <333 Whenever they reappear after a multi-episode absence, I always wonder what they were doing in between. The last time we saw them was in "The Chase". Unlike season 1, which followed Zuko almost as closely as the Gaang, season 2 has pursuing villains that are a little more shrouded in mystery, I think.

General Sung=another grown-up idiot. Okay, maybe it's not the grown-ups. Maybe it's just any military or political leaders in the Earth Kingdom. Oh, except King Bumi.

Oh man, I just caught the sound of the whirring lips that were mentioned in the audio commentary and the behind-the-scenes feature on sound effects. It's during Aang's battle with Azula, though it wasn't clear to me what the sound was supposed to be. ajdklajfkdl

Chapter 14: City of Walls and Secrets

Commentary track:
Bryan Konietako – Co-Creator
Michael Dante DiMartino – Co-Creator
Elsa Garagarza – Background Supervisor

C: This commentary explains what the background supervisor does, which is basically to design the way the places look. I admit, I don't find this that interesting.

I love the music played under Joo Dee's first appearance. It's so eeeevil-sounding.

C: Joo Dee is based on the show's line production manager. I wonder how she feels about that.

"Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not." <333 Iroh's words of wisdom.

So this episode is the beginning of Iroh's tea-shop career. I need an Iroh tea icon. Too bad I'm out of icon space. :(

It's funny that the University student they talk to doesn't seem to realize that Professor Zei isn't around (much less that he isn't coming back).

C: Bryke had always planned that something would be wrong with Ba Sing Se, but the 1984-style false utopia came later, while the script was being written.

The girls look so adorable in their high-society clothes.

Ah, I love to see Zuko with those dual swords. He cuts Jet's straw! <333

Sokka's Momo-ghost plan was funny. I think it would have been hilarious if they'd actually used a Momo-ghost distraction in a later episode.

C: Earthbending up to this point has been big and brutal; they wanted to make the Dai Li more subtle, so they gave them the earth gloves.

I can't help but think, when watching the conversation with Long Feng in the library, that the kids should have just taken their plan to one of the Earth Kingdom generals instead. Ah well. I suppose that would have short-circuited the plot.

Chapter 15: Tales of Ba Sing Se

Toph and Katara: The girls definitely did a better job on their own makeup in the previous episode than the beauticians did in this one.

Iroh: Iroh is just made of awesome, spreading cheer wherever he goes. I love every one of his little encounters in this episode—though the last one makes me cry.

Aang: Aang's story features the fourth cabbage seller appearance. But still no Appa. I remember I was getting really tense about Appa's absence by this time during my first watch.

Sokka: Oh, Sokka. I had totally forgotten about this: the haiku ladies, yet another example of Sokka's pure pheromone power! (Not to mention poetry!) fjka;jdfak;ldjfa;l

Zuko: Zuko's hair at the start of his date is awful. Good move on Jin's part to immediately mess it up properly. It's a good thing Jin is very self-confident and thick-skinned. Geez. Poor girl. Zuko is the opposite of charm. BUT I was still very pleased to see my favorite boy get some action, even if he doesn't exactly deserve it. The new tally:

Sokka: Cheek kisses: 2, Lip kisses: 3
Aang: Cheek kisses: 1, Lip kisses: 1
Katara: Cheek kisses: 1, Lip kisses: 1
Suki: Cheek kisses: 2, Lip kisses: 1
Yue: Cheek kisses: 0, Lip kisses: 2
Zuko: Cheek kisses: 0, Lip kisses: 1
Jin: Cheek kisses: 0, Lip kisses: 1

Momo: Momo's dream about Appa at the beginning makes me so sad. I agree with Bryke (from one of the featurettes): Appa/Momo is a good ship to inquire about. theirloveissocuteandfuzzy


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