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Avatar Book 3, Disc 2 (minus "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1) – spoiler-friendly reaction post

This post is for commentary with SPOILERS for episodes beyond Book 3, Disc 2. Info from the audio commentary tracks will be marked with a "C".

Chapter 6: The Avatar and the Firelord

"Some friendships are so strong they can even transcend lifetimes." This line makes me think of the friendship between Zuko and Aang, which redeems the lost friendship between Sozin and Roku. It reminds me a bit of the book Holes. (Won't say more than that, so as not to spoil Holes for anyone who hasn’t read it and might want to some day.)

Chapter 7: The Runaway

I wish they would have done more with "Hawky". Ah well. Do you suppose Sokka ever gets him back?

Chapter 8: The Puppetmaster

I wonder what became of Hama. Do you think she stayed in prison for the rest of her life, like the villagers said? I always imagined Zuko would have all war prisoners released after ending the war—that any Earth Kingdom or Water Tribe people in Fire Nation prisons would go free. But even if that were true, I'm not sure it would include Hama.

Chapter 9: Nightmares and Daydreams

I like the Maiko scenes, although their relationship is somewhat troubled in this episode. It's true that Mai doesn't really understand why Zuko is so tormented, but I think she still manages to be understanding, if that makes any sense. I think Mai witnessing Zuko's internal struggle, particularly in this episode and "The Beach" is what allows her to come to the decision she does later, at the end of TBR.

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