Joie (hymnia) wrote,

Oops! I almost forgot to say...

...that I have a newborn niece, as of about 5:00 AM this past Saturday. Sorry, it was kind of a strange weekend and I wasn't online much. Then the news broke on Facebook when my dad posted pics, and some of you got the news there. And in all that, I somehow forgot I still hadn't announced on LJ.

So yes, I'm an aunt for the second time, and now in addition to my nephew, there's also an adorable tiny lady that I can and will do my utmost to outfit with every cute purple thing I can find. :D

In other news, I saw Wolverine last Friday night. I thought the movie was good overall but was a bit disappointed in Gambit. The Gambit in my mind is more suave, more rugged, and a bit older* than Taylor Kitsch. Ah well.

*I know, my complaint that he's too young can be explained by the fact that it's a prequel. Also, Rogue is too young compared to the comics as well, so maybe if they pair them up in future movies WHICH THEY SHOULD, it would balance out better. So I'm more forgiving on that, BUT it does sort of add to the general impression that "that's not my Gambit".

Tags: family, movies, real life, x-men

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