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Shojo Beat cancellation

Publisher's Weekly has an article about Viz Media's launch of a new online manga magazine featuring mostly seinen (men's) manga, which comes on the heels of the cancellation of Shojo Beat, their print manga magazine aimed at teen girls/young women. I'm a subscriber and huge fan of Shojo Beat, so I was deeply disappointed by the news that it would be canceled after only one more issue. Also, while I enjoy a wide variety of manga and anime, I have a special love for shojo (girl's) manga. It is probably the genre of manga that I enjoy the most; I find that I tend to enjoy almost anything shojo that I pick up, whereas I'm more picky about the other genres.

From the above article:

The IKKI launch comes hot on the heels of the news that Shojo Beat, Viz’s premier magazine for girls and young women, will be folding this summer. While shojo (girl’s) manga has been the bedrock of the company - and of manga’s entry into chain bookstores and rise in popularity in the U.S.--it’s notorious for its limitations in merchandising. Few shojo manga grow into the massive anime, video game, feature-length movie and sequel franchises that are common of shonen (boy’s) manga like Naruto or Death Note.

Seriously? Seriously?! Is this why my favorite magazine is being tossed aside? Because it doesn't sell enough merchandise?! ARGH!!! This is the sound of my inner feminist snarling with rage! Don't get me started on how few josei (women's) manga series even get licensed for English-language adaptations. Now shojo--despite being "the bedrock...of manga's entry into chain bookstores and rise in popularity in the U.S.", and despite the fact that in recent years female anime/manga fans have begun to outnumber males--is somehow not good enough for Viz to continue to "place [its] resources" toward a monthly magazine featuring it!

It's not that I don't enjoy some good shonen or seinen series, but watching Viz putting more effort into its shonen and seinen publications at the expense of shojo and josei disgusts me, and it makes me feel a strong urge to avoid its shonen and seinen offerings. While I wouldn't go to the point of discontinuing the series I currently read (Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist), I do feel strongly that I won't be switching my subscription to Shonen Jump (which is rumored to be one of the refund options for Shojo Beat subscribers), and I won't be checking out IKKI, the new online seinen magazine.

Sorry, Viz. You don't feel you can allocate the resources to cater to my demographic? Then you lose my business.


P.S. JACON was fun, although I was still sick with a cold I've had all week. Baka Rose Makeup (my cosplay group) won Animusical Idol (an anime-themed lip synch competition) with the song "Forget About the Boy" from Thoroughly Modern Millie. I'll try to post more on the con (including pics) later this week.
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