Joie (hymnia) wrote,

Shojo manga survey fantastic online anime/manga store and licensing/distribution company with a great record for customer service--has a brief (7 questions) survey aimed at fans of shojo anime/manga, especially former Shojo Beat subscribers. If you're into shojo, I highly recommend making your voice heard:

1. What are your favorite Shojo Beat anime and manga?

Vampire Knight, Crimson Hero, Honey and Clover, Sand Chronicles

2. What are your all-time favorite anime and manga series?

Fruits Basket, Story of Saiunkoku

3. What kinds of shoujo stories and genres do you enjoy most?

Romantic fantasy like Vampire Knight or Gakuen Alice and thought-provoking slice-of-life like Fruits Basket or Honey and Clover

4. Which web sites, social sites, and communities do you visit/use most often?
(Can be anime/manga-related or not!)

Mostly Livejournal, Facebook a distant second

5. What magazines do you read most frequently? (Can be anime/manga-related or not!)

Shojo Beat, Newsweek, Sojourners, Boundless Webzine

6. After the last issue of the Shojo Beat magazine, how do you plan to stay informed about the latest shoujo news, trends and releases?

Online communities and anime conventions

7. How can we, at, better serve you as a shoujo manga fan?

License more quality shojo *and josei* series. Also would appreciate more shojo-related merchandise, beyond just Fruits Basket, please!

Tags: manga

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