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Fruits Basket scrapbook competition

Most of you who are Furuba fans probably already know about the Fruits Basket Scrapbook competition Tokyopop recently ran to celebrate the release of the final volume in the series. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that they put up five of the entries on their website, and it just so happens that the entry my cosplay group submitted is one of the five! :D Go check it out (it's the only one with cosplay pics, so it should be obvious which one it is):

Fruits Basket Scrapbook entries

It's not clear to me what that means as far as whether or not we made it into the actual scrapbook that is supposed to be delivered to Natsuki Takaya. I get the impression showing up on the website might be a "runner up" deal. Either way, it's nice to have our entry recognized.

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