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Go 'Claws!

Oops! I forgot to post the winner of and answer for Riddle #6! lilac_bearry was the first to get it right.

Believe it or not, it was writing this riddle that made me first appreciate the canon possibilities of this ship: Neville/Luna.

What they share is eyes to see.
The Thestrals, of course.

Her heart is ready to believe.
Luna is such a non-skeptic.

Nowhere is his no one name.
Neville=no ville=nowhere. Also, in PoA Harry uses his name as an alias, because he is an unknown; he got passed over for the job of Wizardkind’s savior—and hence the fame—so unlike Harry, his name is no where. And, of course, “I’m nobody.”

Quietly they each carry their pain.
Neville keeps his parents’ fate to himself; Luna is “serene” despite the tragedy of her mother’s death and the bullying she endures.

He didn’t want to disturb her;
He might think he doesn’t deserve her.

On the train at the beginning of OotP.

When he asked her about feeling the sun,
Perhaps she thought he could be the one.

In the Hog’s Head, Neville asks Luna what Heliopaths (translated “Sun Feelers”) are.

And angua9 gets the credit for answering Riddle #7.

‘Twas indeed R/Hr.

According to HQoW, Book 2: “The curse came out the back end and poor Ron got it right in the stomach, a belly full of slugs.”

And in the Muggle world “slugs” can also mean “bullets.”

With the addition of Angua’s 10 points for Ravenclaw, the tally stands thus:

Ravenclaw (angua): 35
Slytherin (meanies): 30
Gryffindor (redwood): 15
Hufflepuff (lilac): 10

Now for a couple of new riddles. These are also ships, and they are often (though not always) shipped together, which is why I’m posting both at once.

Riddle #8

My love for you is bittersweet—
Something I know can never be.
For even if you would at last start requiting,
So much would still keep us from uniting:
For there is a doom that you must face,
And there is a heart we cannot break.
My love, though I cannot take your hand,
By your side I’ll always stand.

Riddle #9

He is the darkness; she is the sun.
What price to make their two hearts one?
To live their love for each other,
They must forsake their mothers.

But I would not be the first
To put this ship in verse:
The Bard gave the archetype its fame;
And Frosty gave this version its name.

Warning: Poetic license taken with Riddle #8.

H. Baggins
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