Joie (hymnia) wrote,

The Countdown

It appears I only have four riddles left in my archives, so when we get to #13, I will announce a House Cup winner. I believe Slytherin has now pulled back into the lead.

Of course, I may someday write more of these, if the inspiration strikes me. ;)

Now, for the next riddle. This is another Who Am I?, which means the answer can be any person, place, creature, or thing in the HP world.

These are the many secrets I keep:
A bed for suff’ring and not for sleep;
Trust after trust carelessly broken,
But also a love deep and unspoken.
Many years ago, these shadows left,
And for a time I was bereft,
But now once again, secrets I see—
You’re not as alone as you always believed.

In other news, I’ve been poking around FAP a few times since Easter, but nothing much seems to be going on there. :(

H. Baggins
Tags: riddles

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