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Questions about Dreamwidth and how to bridge the gap

I got a Dreamwidth account a few months ago, when it first opened up beyond the beta group, mainly because I had an inkling I might want to reserve my username. Today I finally got around to importing my LJ over there. I'm a little lost on what I'd like to do with it, though. Should I use it to mirror my LJ? If so, should I crosspost entries manually, or use the crosspost feature on Dreamwidth?

Who out there is on Dreamwidth? Do you use your account as a mirror to LJ, or do you post different content there? Or do you, like I did for a while, just have a dummy account to reserve your username?

Do any of you now consider Dreamwidth your "home" rather than LJ? If so, why do you prefer Dreamwidth?

Also, I've heard that fandom isn't very active on Dreamwidth, at least compared to LJ. Is that true, and if so, why do you think that is?

I have to admit that right now I don't know much about the issue of Dreamwidth vs. LJ. I understand that people have issues with LJ, but I've never felt all that keenly affected by those issues myself, so maybe that's why I'm unsure how to approach the issue of bridging the gap between the two. I don't feel a compelling enough reason to leave LJ, but I'm curious about Dreamwidth and want to give it a try. Conseqently, I want to figure out how I can get the best of both worlds. Anyone have any advice to offer?


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