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New cosplay idea

So far Lolita Fourth Doctor is leading my cosplay poll. But I was thinking...maybe even that is a little too ordinary. After all, as tibbycat pointed out, Romana already did a feminine version of his garb. So I thought, "What would really capture people's attention?" And that's when I thought of it. The perfect cosplay: Lolita SpongeBob SquarePants. Maybe I can even get nessabutterfly to do a Lolita Squidward with me. It's fantastic, isn't it? My only problem is figuring out how to make a Lolita skirt that looks like square pants.


ETA: This was for April Fool's Day, of course. I've no intention of cosplaying SpongeBob--Lolita-style or otherwise. 0_o
Tags: cosplay, lolwhut

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