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"Now and then, you need someone older..."

Riddle #10 was correctly guessed by prettyveela. You go girl!

The Shrieking Shack: site of Lupin’s adolescent werewolf misery (A bed for suff’ring and not for sleep), starting point for the Marauders’ escapades and their breaking of Dumbledore's trust, not to mention the place where Pettigrew's betrayal was revealed (Trust after trust carelessly broken), and haven in which MWPP's tight friendship was formed by what they did to help Lupin (But also a love deep and unspoken). As for the last line, You’re not as alone as you always believed—that is for Harry, who found out there the truth of his godfather’s innocence, and that he did in fact have a living "family" member who cared about him.

I was going to wait a little to post this next one, but LJ is slow today, so here is another ship riddle.

She chose bravery over brains,
Though she could've had either one;
And I think he's the same--
Noble heart, clever head in one.
If someone forgets his conscience,
One of these two can help him remember.
I'd like this pairing a lot more,
If it weren't so May-December.

I know of two different people the "he" could be and still have all the clues work, so I'll give ten points to whoever gets the answer that I originally thought of when I wrote this, and five to anyone who guesses the other possibility.

Now back to cleaning and catching up on paperwork. *heavy sigh*

H. Baggins
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