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My church is in the news!

Last Friday afternoon, an 11-year-old girl from the town in which my church is located went missing (apparently her family also attends my church, but I don't know them personally). She left her bike and helmet behind and apparently wandered off into the swampy woods around gator-infested Lake Jessup. Add to that the additional detail that she has Asperger's Syndrome (a mild form of autism), and you can imagine how worried her family and friends must have been.

Now, after three and a half days of searching, she's been found! And apart from a lot of bug bites, she's perfectly fine. :)

Orlando Sentinel story

Yahoo News story

I'm excited about this story partly because I've been praying for her safe return all weekend, but I also think it's pretty neat that the man who found her was someone I know from church.

Praise God!


ETA: There's a great interview with the man who found her at If you click on this link, you should be able to find it. For some reason, it won't link directly to the right video, so you have to scroll down and click on: "RAW INTERVIEW: WFTV Talks to Man Who Found Nadia".

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