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Am I an artist?

I never really thought of myself as one until quite recently, when it occurred to me that costume-making is an art form, as are a few other crafts that I engage in from time to time.

So anyway, I started a deviantART page. Actually, I signed up a while ago because I wanted to be able to comment on and have a little more freedom in viewing other people's artwork--but tonight I actually made myself a profile (mostly C&P'd from my LJ profile) and uploaded a few submissions. So far I've put up my Mai costume and a couple of Fruits Basket-themed necklaces I made about two years ago to give to some fandom friends (good thing I remembered to take pics before I gave them away).

(I have a reason for putting my DA account to active use now, but I won't go into that yet. Waiting to see if some things pan out first.)

Anyway...I present to you hymnia7's deviantART page.

Tags: cosplay, crafts

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