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New Emma Watson interview and quiz results

In a recent interview in the French magazine ONE, Emma Watson made some interesting comments on her thoughts about the ever-so-crucial question of Hermione’s romantic future.

ONE: How would you react if Hermione suddenly fell in love with Ron or Harry? You would be obliged to kiss Daniel or Rupert on the screen.
EW: I really sincerely hope that J.K. Rowling wouldn't do that to me! [laughing] Even if movie kisses have nothing in common with real kisses, I would be terribly embarrassed all the same. But I would be very surprised if something like that happened. I cannot see Hermione going out with one or the other. In any case, it's not in my, if I have to kiss one of them, I'll resign! [laugh]


ONE: If Hermione doesn't fall in love with Ron or Harry, whom do you see her with?
EW: I hope she doesn't get with anybody! If she had to have a crush on a guy, I think he would have to be very serious, very academic. Why not a Hogwarts' teacher? I think that would be appropriate for her character. But she would definitely be embarrassed with the age difference.

Serious? Academic? How about Remus? Or Severus? Or…Albus? teehee

Well, she seems to be having the same reaction to the idea of onscreen romance with one of her costars as Rupert Grint. I, for one, am hoping that their hopes to not have to film “embarrassing” scenes together will be disappointed. :D

Of course, the filmmakers may have decided to recast by the time movie 6/7 is put into production, though for consistency’s sake, I hope not. I mean, they have 20-21ish actors play teenagers all the time, so I don’t think it’s such a big deal if Dan, Emma, and Rupert outgrow their characters a little bit. Besides, at age 20, they might not mind having to kiss each other so much.

Anyway, this talk of Emma/Rupert (or Emma/Dan, but I’m ignoring that part, obviously) having an onscreen kiss got me to wondering once again about how much R/Hr we will get to see, because of that whole darned limited POV thing. Is there anyone else out there who thinks that, rather than involving eavesdropping and invisibility cloaks and things of that nature, we may get to see a decent amount of R/Hr romance just because they’re so close to Harry that they wouldn’t bother censoring certain things in front of him? I think that it would be perfectly believable for R/Hr to 1) reveal their feelings to each other and 2) show a moderate amount of affection toward each other, even up to a mild goodbye-type kiss right in front of Harry. The reason I suspect this is how things will go, rather than Harry accidentally coming across R/Hr snogging while in his invisibility cloak or something like that, is that this is how R/Hr has already been developed. The PoA hug, the whole Yule Bawl Ball issue, the pestle-pounding in Potions class, the PQK, all of that was R/Hr unabashedly doing their UST-y thing right in front of Harry, totally oblivious to his presence. The only time JKR used anything remotely resembling eavesdropping was with the Yule Brawl. I don’t know, I just think it would be more natural to depend on R/Hr’s comfort level with Harry than the invisibility cloak, or accidentally walking by Madame Puddifoot’s at an opportune moment, or that sort of thing. I think using a device like that would end up feeling contrived. Also, I doubt we’re going to be seeing any really intense romantic moments in the series anyway. If the H/C kiss was any indication, it looks like JKR will be keeping the romance pretty mild. I don’t particularly want to see full-fledged snogging in the books anyway—not between R/Hr or H/G or any other couple; it would seem very strange and not in keeping with the “tone” of the books as JKR promised. Besides, that’s what fanfic is for. ;)

Not to mention lovely--if somewhat silly--quizzes like this one, the results of which amused me. Apparently I would rather have Ron snogging me:

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

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