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Well, you can always compete for second place

Yes, it’s time for the last riddle. I briefly considered making this one worth 100 points, just to give the other Houses a chance, but alas, I am not as unfair as Albus “last minute points” Dumbledore, and I cannot really justify making it worth more than twenty. Yes, it did give the Guess the Ship thread regulars a hard time, but it shouldn’t be too tricky for all you canon-philes out there.

But first, the answer to the last riddle, which was correctly guessed by bluemeanies4, of course:

First, the additional couplet was this:
We live among darkness and gloom,
And some think we bring doom.

Thestrals, residents of the forbidden forest, are believed to be bad omens.

And as for the portion I posted last night:
Few are able to find us,
And fewer have sought to bind us.

Only those who have “seen death” can see them, and apparently only Hagrid has tried to domesticate them.
But there is nothing to fear,
For we have always been near.

Creepy though they may be, they are helpful to Harry and co., and they have been bearing the school carriages all along.

And the last riddle (until I am so inclined to write more) is another ship riddle:

One day a knight asked heaven above,
“Where, oh where, shall I find my true love?”
The reply: “In thy castle of ages past—
But you will miss her, unless you are fast!”

*starts hanging up green and silver decor*

H. Baggins
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