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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Just some quick thoughts before I fall into bed.

For the last three movies, I've walked out of the theater feeling very good about the film. But then over time/re-watching, I tend to find things that bother me more and more. And I admit I'm influenced a lot by fandom. When other fans complain about certain things, sometimes I start to say, "Oh yeah. That line was sort of awkward." (Or whatever.)

Anyway, I enjoyed the film immensely and left the theater feeling very satisfied. I really hope that feeling will last with subsequent viewings this time.

Oh, and I quite liked the allegedly H/Hr scenes (the dancing and the Horcrux!H/Hr kiss). I hope to post more thoughts on this some other time, when I can be more coherent.

Right now, some of my favorite moments I can think of off the top of my head:
-Hermione erasing her parents memories.
-Bill Weasley
-Fred and George, little though we saw them. Really glad they kept the ear humor lines almost word for word from the books.
-The Ministry of Magic sequence. Great job by the three actors playing the trio in their disguises, and I also really like Mrs. Cattermole.
-David Thewlis. One of the few complaints I can think of about the film was that we didn't see him enough, but the scenes he was in were great. Same goes for Alan Rickman and a lot of others, actually. But that's the nature of this story. It really is the trio's story.
-Ron. Ron. Ron. Yes, he still had goofy comic relief moments but I found most of them fitting, and it was balanced nicely with all the other things about him. His monologue about finding his way back to Harry and Hermione was just about perfect.
-R/Hr. I thought there was plenty of it and it struck all the right chords. "Always the tone of surprise." So glad they kept that line, and had both of them say it.
-Lots of other stuff, really, but I'm too tired to keep typing.

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