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Reading and watching totals for 2010

I know I'm a bit behind on this, but those of you who are not into animanga have NO IDEA how hard it is to count up manga volumes and anime episodes. Oi. And there's no way I could count by seasons, either, the way some of you do. Anyway, here's what I have.

Complete list of items read/watched.

Re-read: 4
New: 21
Total: 25
Best re-read: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
Best new (to me) fiction: Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon
Best new (to me) non-fiction: The Inescapable Love of God by Thomas Talbott

Re-read: 1
New: 51
Total: 52
Favorite series this year: Gakuen Alice

MOVIES (including feature length anime:
Re-watch: 13 14
New: 27 (4 in theaters)
Total: 40 41
Best re-watch: Princess Mononoke
Best new (to me - not seen in theaters): Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
Best new movie: It has to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, but I have to say that I really loved the other three films I saw in theaters this year (The Kung Fu Karate Kid, Toy Story 3, and Tangled), probably more than anything else on the list. I know I don't really keep up with them well enough to say so with any kind of authority, but I get the impression 2010 was an unusually good year for theatrical releases. Erm, except for The Last Airbender, of course.

ETA: I somehow overlooked Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, which I watched along with the Mark Watches community shortly before DH Pt. 1 came out. So some of my totals have changed since I posted this.

English-language TV, re-watch: 25
English-language TV, new: 95
Anime/non-EL TV, re-watch (including shows I watched as dubs after watching subs): 27
Anime/non-EL TV, new: 156 157
Total: 303 304
Best EL series, continuing/re-watch: Avatar: The Last Airbender (I've convinced my mom to watch it and she likes it! Yay!)
Best EL series, new (to me): Glee (It's so flawed, but I get so much enjoyment out of watching it.)
Best anime/non-EL series, continuing/re-watch: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (If you've ever thought you might want to try watching anime, this would probably be a good one to start with.)
Best anime/non-EL series, new (to me): Ouran High School Host Club
Honorable mention: Inuyasha: The Final Act (So glad they finally animated the ending to this, one of the longest manga series of all time. It was worth the wait.)

And that's it! Now to start on this year's list, for which I already have one movie, two books, and one volume of manga to add to it.

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