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A pairing meme for Valentine's Day

Found while journal-surfing:

- Pick up to 15 favorite pairings.
- Describe them in less than 25 words.
- Have your flist guess them.

I chose to use song lyrics to describe the pairings, because, well…that’s just the way I think. And I couldn’t get any of them down to less than 25 words and still make sense.

Because song lyrics can get a little generic (though I tried really hard to find distinct excerpts), I’m going to give the additional hint of listing the fandoms represented at the bottom of the post. That way, you can try guessing without the hint, but if you get stuck, you can scroll down for a little help.

1. “I’ll give you all the things that I never get…
Forgive you all the things that you can’t forget
Take away the pain with my healing hands…
You can run from me
You can hide from me
But I am right beside you in this life.”

2. “Like a phoenix you rise from the ashes
You pick up the pieces
And the ghosts in the attic
They never quite leave…
Strange how this journey's hurting
In ways we accept as part of fate's decree
So we just hold on fast…
For we don't realize
Our faith in the prize
Unless it's been somehow elusive…”

3. “I'll be your candle on the water
My love for you will always burn
I know you're lost and drifting…
Don't give up, you have somewhere to turn…
Look for me reaching out to show,
As sure as rivers flow,
I'll never let you go.”

4. “It’s okay to say you’ve got a weak spot
You don’t always have to be on top
Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you’re not…
You are not a robot
You’re loveable, so loveable
But you’re just troubled
Guess what? I’m not a robot …
Can you teach me how to feel real?
Can you turn my power on?”

5. “Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud
Things just won't do without you, matter of fact.
Oh, I'm on your back.
If you'd accept surrender, I'll give up some more
Weren't you adored?
If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you.”

6. “So she said, ‘What's the problem baby?’
What's the problem, I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love, think about it every time
I think about it, can't stop thinking 'bout it.
How much longer will it take to cure this?
Just to cure it 'cause I can't ignore it if it's love
Makes me wanna turn around and face me
But I don't know nothing about love…”

7. “I see you on the street and you walk on by
You make me wanna hang my head down and cry
If you gave me half the chance you'd see
My desire burning inside of me
But you choose to look the other way
I've had to work much harder than this
For something I want don't try to resist me
Open your heart to me, baby
I'll hold the lock and you hold the key…”

8. “The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
And some of it’s just transcendental
And some of it’s just really dumb
But I, I love it when you sing to me
And you, you can sing me anything…
But I, I love it when you give me things
And you, you ought to give me wedding rings.”

9. “I have a smile
Stretched from ear to ear
To see you walking down the road
We meet at the lights
I stare for a while
The world around us disappears…
Oh and every time I’m close to you
There’s too much I can’t say
And you just walk away
And I forgot
To tell you
I love you.”

10. “This Romeo is bleedin'
But you can't see his blood…
It's been rainin' since you left me
Now I'm drownin' in the flood
You see I've always been a fighter
But without you, I give up…
What I'd give to run my fingers through your hair
To touch your lips and hold you near
When you say your prayers, please understand
I've made mistakes; I'm just a man.”

11. “Games, changes, and fears
When will they go from here?
When will they stop?
I believe that fate has brought us here
And we should be together, babe
But we’re not…
I try to say goodbye and I choke
I try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it it's clear
My world crumbles when you are not near.”

12. “I don't want to call my friends
For they might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this bed
Risk forgetting all that's been
Oh I am what I am
I do what I want
But I can't hide
And I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me.”


Fandoms used (some more than once):
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchmist, Harry Potter, Naruto, Story of Saiunkoku, and X-Men.

Tags: fandom, memes, music, ships

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