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New, improved pairing meme with better clues

So I was kind of afraid my previous post would be a complete failure. The problem is that song lyrics are usually meant to have broad appeal, to suit feelings that are nearly universal. They are too general by nature to work as good clues. So only two people even guessed on my last post and while their guesses certainly made sense they were, I'm sorry to say, all wrong. Ah, well. It’s my fault, not theirs. I APOLOGIZE TO THE WORLD!!!! [/Ritsu] But I really liked the idea of this meme, so I hope you all will indulge me and guess on this second attempt, this time with what I hope will be MUCH better clues. (It’s the same 12 couples in the same order, so you can still use the songs as clues as well, if you want.)

1. It’s hard for me to describe what I love about this couple. They are probably my all-time favorite pairing. They are pure-hearted lovers who endure much suffering but still hold onto hope. I can’t describe their story without sounding kitschy, but if you read the story itself, it’s not kitschy at all.

2. “…he knew that at that moment they understood each other perfectly, and that when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say, ‘Be careful,’ or ‘Don’t do it,’ but accept his decision, because she would not have expected anything less of him.”

3. This couple is from a visual medium and most of the appeal for me is in the chemistry and subtle body language between them. And the fact that I love couples that have to endure a long separation and self-sacrificial patience on the part of at least one member and preferably both—in this case the burden of patience falls far too heavily on one member, but I still like it all the same.

4. I like the way these two complement each other. He’s a passionate and troubled Byronic sort; but she, far from being the usual fiery gothic heroine, is cool and grounded by comparison. I also like that his redemption is not contingent on her intervention.

5. I always think of this couple as the Mulder/Scully of animanga fandom. That’s why I picked the song from the first X-Files movie to describe them.

6. I think what I like about this couple is that the attraction between them seems to be based on intelligence more than anything else. And I enjoy the way the male of this pair is humbled by the discovery of how smart and capable she is, as he is one who initially underestimated females in general (a forgivable offense, due to his youth and later repentance).

7. Mainly, I was just so darn happy to see my favorite character in this series get a canon love interest, which was a total surprise to me but a very pleasant one. I’ve loved this couple ever since. The excellent fanfic by a certain popular fan author doesn’t hurt, either.

8. The main thing I love about this couple is that it flips a common animanga trope of a long-suffering female patiently waiting it out while her male love interest deals with 9,000 problems (usually by fighting them off with a big sword or the like) that keep him distracted from requiting her love. In this story, it’s the female who deals with 9,000 problems, mostly be non-violent means, and the male who patiently waits for her to finally settle down.

9. This is a straight version of the trope described in #8. It’s also another trope I like a lot better: popular and/or outgoing boy ends up* with eccentric and/or shy girl who truly understands him. And in this case the girl understood him and liked him before he was popular. (*canon is still open for these two, so let’s say I hope she ends up with him)

10. “Maybe we both have to learn there’s more to love than the physical.” I was always amazed at how sensual, how sexy this couple was, despite certain…ah…limitations. ;)

11. Seven years of UST*. Need I say more?
(*Unresolved Sexual/Romantic Tension)

12. I think what I liked about this couple the most was that it was this big secret that turned out to drive a significant portion of the plot. The intensity of their feelings for each other led them to do some cruel but plot-progressing things. I wouldn’t have liked all of that except…well, somehow, it turned out all right in the end.

Okay, I hope that’s better. Please come out and play! And post your own, too.

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