Joie (hymnia) wrote,

My muse paid a visit

'Tis a bit troublesome to keep track of House points, so I think this and future riddles will be just for fun.

You know, I've always been kind of stuck on making riddles rhyme--I <3 --but I liked this one so much in free verse, that I decided not to force rhymes on it. It makes it sound more like a fragment of desperate, angsty love poetry, I think.

Mistreated and beaten, I took my own way;
Now restless and wild, I wander the restless wild.
Though I abandoned the one who once guided me,
I could not leave him to a fearsome death.
As for you, you could not save your guide,
And you lost him to years and hidden whispers.
But where are you now, my someone, my love?
It seems some may know the answer.
Perhaps you also wander the restless wild—
But I have yet to find you.

H. Baggins, surprised to be back so soon
Tags: riddles

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