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NaNoJouMo: Defeated by Facebook

So, I want to keep up with the writing 500+ words per day thing, but today has just defeated me. The Mad Science labs are fun, but they are REALLY exhausting. And then I get home and you know what? My Facebook feed is even more exhausting. I hate, hate, HATE the way it refreshes itself at the drop of a hat, and suddenly the posts are in a completely different order. I just can't keep up. And I have way too many groups and fan pages "Liked" and so my feed is already overwhelming to begin with. But darn it, I enjoy those pages and I don't want to un-like them. :/ I just wish my feed were stable like LiveJournal's, so I could get through it in more than one sitting--and without seeing duplications of the same post. Something has got to give here. I don't know if it's that I just need to give up Facebook cold turkey for a while, or if it's that I have to somehow FORCE myself to quit reading my feed after a reasonable amount of time (an hour, for example), even if I haven't read all the new posts, and just hope I don't miss anything important, or if I need to figure out some things to cut to clean up my feed. One way or another, I can't keep doing these marathon Facebook sessions. It's driving me nuts.

And I'm afraid that's all I have for today. I am just too tired to write more than that. I'll try to write extra tomorrow to make up for it. I have an easier schedule tomorrow--no Mad Science, just a couple of math tutoring clients.

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