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ROTK-inspired Tribonds

I finished listening to the main part of The Return of the King. I just have a little bit of the appendices left. The last few chapters made me think of some more tribonds. I'm not entirely satisfied with the first one, as I think Rose/Nine is not quite as close a fit as the other two. The first two are so close I almost think this incident in HDM may have been a conscious imitation of the one in ROTK. HDM is full of references to Lewis, after all, so it's not too hard to believe there might be some references to Tolkien thrown in as well. Anyway...bonus points if you can both guess the connection AND come up with a better third example besides Rose/Nine.

1. Eowyn and Faramir...Will and Lyra...Rose and the Ninth Doctor

2. Sam Gamgee...Neville Longbottom...E.T.

After writing all that, it occurs to me that Kyo/Tohru might be a better third example for #1. But I'll leave it as is, and still leave open the invitation to provide other, possibly better, examples. I'm still not fully satisfied with that anyway, as I'd really prefer a third example that is also from a prose novel.

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