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The Hunger Games

So I finally got around to reading The Hunger Games and its sequels this past week. I finished Mockingjay on Sunday night. I have to say, it's not hard to see why they are so loved. Personally, I loved the first book, and had only minor quibbles with the two sequels.

If ever there was a story that needed to be told first person present tense, this was probably it. Can't complain about that, really. I had no trouble liking and feeling sympathy for Katniss, either. Shipping-wise, I thought it was pretty obvious she would end up with Peeta, if anyone. The books were so violent and bleak that at times I wasn't really sure they'd both make it, but I knew if they did, they'd have to be together. The only turn in their relationship I didn't really care for was the whole “hijacking” bit. I'm pretty sure the anime of Sailor Moon ruined me for the “brainwashing love into hate” trope for all time. So yeah. I could have done without that particular plot twist, especially since there's so much going on at that point in the story, it didn't really need the extra drama. Peeta could have just come back from the Capitol all despondent and PTSD from the torture and it would have worked just as well as him coming back hating Katniss. *shrugs* The one saving grace is that they didn't really dwell on this storyline too much.

In the second book I was really frustrated that it seemed like everyone was just going to bow down to the demands of the Quarter Quell, and there was a section of the book from the time it's announced until they enter the arena that I was just kind of rolling my eyes because there weren't more signs of resistance, especially from Katniss. That said, once they actually got into the arena, I thought it turned into a great storyline, and I loved all the new characters they brought in, particularly Finnick and Johanna. Love the Finnick/Annie storyline, too; if I was more inclined to writing fanfic, I'd probably write a bunch of stories about them. XD

My only other complaint about the books is that the bloodbath at the end got a bit depressing, although I'll admit it was fitting, considering the circumstances of the story. I was especially broken up about Finnick's death. (Wah! Remus and Tonks all over again!) And the bit about Prim getting killed by the bombs Gale invented was really depressing, too. :/ But again, none of it seemed outside of the scope of what the story had led me to expect.

I still haven't had a chance to catch the movie yet. I might get to see it this Thursday.

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