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State of the Media

Things I am currently watching:

I'm still following Friday Night Lights and The West Wing on Mark Watches, and I really wish I could find more time to comment on episodes, because these are both great shows and worth discussing. I am keeping up with watching and reading Mark's posts (and reading a selection of comments), but, alas, I just can't keep up with leaving comments. I'm going to try to do better, but I can't commit to commenting on every episode. That said....

Mark has also added Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to his slate, and I am SO DELIGHTED. Starting with Wednesday's review, I'm really trying to put in the extra effort to respond to every episode. He'll be at episode 11 as of Wednesday, and through the month of August he's only posting reviews of it on alternate days (due to traveling), so if you are not on board with this series yet, there *is* time to catch up. I would be so incredibly happy to have some friends from LJ come join the wonderful, beautiful, PAINFUL party that is Mark Watches FMA:B. Obviously for me this is a re-watch, so I'm mostly laughing at Mark's unpreparedness. If you've seen FMA:B before, come laugh with me. If you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It's an awesome show, and YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.

The following is a beautiful fan-made trailer for the series that someone posted in the comments to one of Mark's reviews. It hints at some spoilers--and at least one rather big spoiler---so spoilerphobes beware. But the big spoiler goes by quick enough that you might blink and miss it, so...if watching it might encourage you to check the series out, I say go ahead and watch! Edit: I should also add that if you've seen the 2003 version of FMA, then the big spoiler I'm referring to is not a spoiler for you.

The Newsroom - The HBO series is back on for the summer and four episodes in to the second season (if my count is right). I'm really enjoying it, especially since my little pattern-finding brain loves to find ways to relate it two other stories I'm enjoying/have recently enjoyed: The West Wing (because Sorkin) and Newslflesh (because the News is Serious Business).

Veronica Mars - I've been re-watching, but have stalled out mid-season three, which is--say it with me, class--just not as good as the others. I'm debating whether to try finishing it this summer, or to just wait to watch the rest when Mark Watches gets to it (some time after FMA:B is finished).

Things I've read recently:

ATLA: The Search (comics) - I'm just "meh" on this so far. Ask me if you want a more detailed opinion.

The Neverending Story (audiobook) - What a great book! Did you know that the movie, while quite faithful, only covers the first half of the book? (I know the film had sequels, but I don't think they quite matched the second half of the book, although if my memory is right, they borrowed a few elements here and there.)

Newsflesh novella: How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea (in progress) - Australia and zombie kangaroos. It's pretty good, but I can't seem to get myself to finish it. My reading time is just too limited, and there are too many other things distracting me. But thanks to reading this around the same time The Newsroom started back up again, I now have Dev Patel = Mahir firmly planted in my mind.

Planned reading:

Toby Daye series re-read - Since I listened to this first on audiobooks, I'd really like to re-read (as in, actually read) the series before the new book comes out in September, but I doubt I'll have time to get all the way through before the book's release date. Alas. That said, I'm going to try anyway.

InCryptid, another Seanan McGuire series (audiobooks) - I have Discount Armageddon, the first book in the series, loaded on my cell phone and just waiting for me. I just finished listening to The Neverending Story today, so I'm planning to start this tomorrow. Yay!

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