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More about those "hand movements"

There has been so much HP news lately that I've given up on reading all of it, and I just pick and choose those articles/pics/clips that look the most promising. I'm glad I decided to click on this one from TLC. It's a very sweet interview of Rupert Grint from The Sun. Lots of cute stuff in it--a photo of Rupert with his pet dog, and some interesting info about his artistic abilities. The reporter is also, apparently, an evil operative, though he does, unfortunatly, mangle canon a bit:

"In the books Ron and Hermione do not hold hands until the fourth novel, The Goblet Of Fire."

Yeah, I wish. Heh. Perhaps he was confused by a statement from Cuaron (which the reporter may be aware of) that he was concerned about putting too much hormones-type stuff in PoA, because it would be stealing from GoF. Hmmm...*ponders*


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