Joie (hymnia) wrote,

Survey says...

Here is an analysis I did some time ago of the data on age and ship preference from the Why do we SHIP the way we do? thread at FAP.

Ages of those who ship both R/Hr and H/Hr equally:

Mean: 15.42
Median: 16
Mode: 16
Range: 2.5
Youngest: 13.5
Oldest: 16

Under 15: 1 or 16.7%
15-17: 5 or 83.3%
All other categories: 0 or 0%
Total: 6

Ages of those who ship H/Hr:

Mean: 18.40
Median: 18
Mode: 17
Range: 17
Youngest: 13
Oldest: 30

Under 15: 5 or 10.5%
15-17: 23 or 40.4%
18-22: 18 or 31.4%
23-29: 8 or 14.0%
30+: 1 or 1.8%
Age not given: 1 or 1.8%
Total: 57

Ages of those who ship R/Hr:

Mean: 18.58
Median: 18
Mode: 16
Range: 31
Youngest: 13
Oldest: 44

Under 15: 19 or 18.6%
15-17: 31 or 30.4%
18-22: 30 or 29.4%
23-29: 8 or 7.8%
30+: 5 or 4.9%
Age not given: 9 or 8.8%
Total: 102

Well, it’s been a few years since I took statistics, so I admit I’m not 100% sure if we can draw any conclusions (once upon a time, I knew how to test for statistical significance). However, I’d say that from this data it certainly appears that there is no correlation between age and preference for R/Hr or H/Hr.


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