December 23rd, 2003

Bright Eyes


I think it’s a little funny that angua9 is coming to Florida right when I am leaving it…

Yes, I am leaving the relatively mild climate of sunny Orlando (though it feels pretty darn cold to me right now) to visit family in New Mexico. I will be there until Jan. 6, and it is very likely I won’t have much access to the Internet while I am there. I’m sure a little HP fandom abstinence will be good for me. *cringes*

But before I go to bed—so that I can get a little shut-eye before I have to leave for Orlando Intn’l at 5AM (ugh)—there are a few things I have to say.

First of all, I had a lovely weekend with old college friends in north FL and south GA, some of whom I haven’t seen in quite a few months. We went to a really nice concert—three pianos and an organ, all Christmas music—at which I confess I was a bit distracted by my own inner musings about some burning (to me) theological questions. I will most likely post some thoughts on this later, when I have more time. Warning: these issues may well only be of interest to those of you who know me in RL. I promise to use the lovely lj-cut feature, so that those of you who aren’t interested in Christian theology or don’t find these questions to be quite so crucial as I do can skip it.

Speaking of the lj-cut feature…

Collapse )

I wish all of you safe and happy holidays!

Grace and Peace,