April 11th, 2004

Bright Eyes

Easter medley

All right, reading the comments on lilac_bearry's last entry, I have calmed down enough to recall a few things from the lost Easter medley.

First, springdove opened it with “Christ the Lord is Ris’n Today,” apparently a favorite Easter hymn for many. She also had some Easter thoughts and a few other songs. Dave McN added a few contemporary songs, some that I hadn’t heard of before. I think he had a Jars of Clay song on there, but I can’t thing which one it would have been. I think sarynx or someone else may have contributed also. I can’t remember.

As for my contribution, I believe I started by talking about how powerful I find the Easter-analogous scene in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and I quoted some of that. I don’t have that on hand ATM, but I’m sure most of you have read it.

And here are some excerpts from my favorite Easter songs:

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OK, now I feel better. Happy Easter to everyone!