April 20th, 2004

Bright Eyes

Well, you can always compete for second place

Yes, it’s time for the last riddle. I briefly considered making this one worth 100 points, just to give the other Houses a chance, but alas, I am not as unfair as Albus “last minute points” Dumbledore, and I cannot really justify making it worth more than twenty. Yes, it did give the Guess the Ship thread regulars a hard time, but it shouldn’t be too tricky for all you canon-philes out there.

But first, the answer to the last riddle, which was correctly guessed by bluemeanies4, of course:

Collapse )

And the last riddle (until I am so inclined to write more) is another ship riddle:

Collapse )

*starts hanging up green and silver decor*

H. Baggins
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