July 12th, 2004

Bright Eyes

Some RL stuff, some procrastination, and some hopes of showing off teh writing skillz

I've got a job. Two of them, actually. Collapse )

Part II of "Does Harry Have to Die?" is almost done. I should have it ready to post in the next couple of days. Yes, I am a procrastinator. So sue me. I'm trying to make Part II not quite so dry as Part I was. Looking back, I realized that it might have been somewhat difficult to read. Sorry 'bout that.

Speaking of essays, I was cleaning out my filebox, and I came across an old file of papers I wrote for classes while in college. Some of them are pretty dry and academic, but others are quite interesting, I think, especially those I did for my Psych classes, and extra-specially those I did for Human Sexuality. It occurred to me that I might post some of these papers here on my LJ. Unfortunately, the computer files for almost everything I wrote while at Stetson have been lost (a long and sad story), so I would have to type them up from my hard copies. Hence, in the interest of time, I have to be choosy about which of them I type up and post. Anyway, I was thinking if I get a paid account, I might put up a poll with descriptions of each of those papers I think people might be interested in reading, and find out which of them, if any, you would actually read.
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Well, I suppose I should quit now, and go to bed. Two weeks until new job starts = two weeks to get back in the habit of a normal sleep schedule.

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