July 22nd, 2004

Bright Eyes

New layout and mood theme, Lomography, and Tribond

Well, I went ahead and got a paid LJ account a few days ago. I have slowly been building up my collection of icons since then. I have also changed to a nice new layout. The theme is one of my favorite musicians and an intriguing personality: Tori Amos. Each of my page titles is named after one of her songs, and I created a custom mood theme of photographs of her. Luckily, she is a very animated person, and there is a wealth of pictures of her on the net, so it wasn’t too hard to find lots of good expressions for my moods. :D

Also in the department of new ways to explore my lack of artistic subtlety, I now have a digital camera! It’s not top of the line or anything, but it gets the job done. My dad bought it for me when I was visiting home over Independence Day weekend. It can be used as a webcam, so I think the idea was to use it to do video chats with him and Mom. We haven’t quite worked that out yet, but I have been taking lots of pictures. Dad emailed me an article on “Lomography” after I got back to Tallahassee with the new cam, and it inspired me to give the practice a try. For those of you who don’t know what Lomography is, here is a copy of the article (it’s pretty short):

Collapse )

So, I decided to attempt this Lomography thing, and took my digital cam to the grocery store one day last week. Here are some of the results:

Collapse )

I also took some pics around the house, so if you would like to see where I live…Collapse )

And in case I have not completely bored you yet, here is my first successful attempt at a digital photo. This one was taken at my parent’s house, and it is, of course, of my baby, Strider, whom I miss very much, since he had to stay behind when I moved to Tally. *sobs*. Oh, and that’s my foot. I had to sort of jab him a bit to get him to turn toward me at a semi-decent angle. ;) This pic was taken on the high res setting (all the others I’ve posted today are low res), so it shows what my el cheapo cam is really capable of, I guess.

Collapse )

There’s one thing from around town that I was really hoping to have a picture of to post by now, because I know that many of you will get a big kick out of it, just like I did when I first saw it. But I haven’t managed to capture it with my cam yet, so it will have to wait for another entry.

And last, but not least, there are two old Tribond questions from a few entries back that never got solved.

Snape…Draco Malfoy…Karkaroff

Hint: It has to with a certain role they have all played in the books.

JK Rowling…JRR Tolkien…Stephen King

Hint: “They have all written stories that have _____ _____ in them.”

Okay, I’m done now. :P This epic LJ post was brought to you by...


ETA: Here is a new hint for the second Tribond question: The element I'm thinking of was in CoS for Rowling (and is supposed to be back in future books), TTT for Tolkien (although things happen a bit differently in the movies), and It for Stephen King. Okay...should be obvious enough now, I think. And congrats to Lilac for answering the other one; those three characters were all red herrings. Unlike, say, R/Hr. ;)
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